PTC Acquires Atego
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Atego, solutions for all your complex, mission and safety-critical systems and software.

The world's leading independent supplier of systems engineering and embedded/real-time software development tools and solutions.

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PTC to Acquire Atego

Posted: Jun 16, 2014

EMF Product Line Engineering - Free Report

Posted: Mar 20, 2014

Atego launches Atego Vantage

Posted: Mar 20, 2014

Atego's Approach

Process: Atego documents industry standard processes and best practices in Atego Process Director, applies them with the Atego product portfolio and supports them with Atego domain experts. This can reduce learning curves, deliver best practice benefits, streamlines processes and reduce costs. Example industry standards include UML, SysML, UPDM, MODAF, DoDAF, NAF, DNDAF, DO-178, DO-254, ISO 26262, and OOSEM. Reuse: Ranging from Product Line Engineering (PLE), through Component-Based Design & Development (CBD), Service Orient Architectures (SOA), to Ada/Java/C/C++ code, model and document reuse, Atego solutions deliver simplified design, reuse, parallel working and pluggable maintenance, reducing costs. Quality: Atego solutions help identify problems as early as possible in the lifecycle to ensure that quality is continually designed in, rather than trying to ‘test’ quality in the end. This is achieved through techniques such as collaborative design, system simulation & model driven testing, improving system quality by fixing problems when they are relatively small and cheap.

Atego's Product Portfolio

Process Management: Atego Process Director is a scalable tool for process authoring, deployment & management. Atego Check manages and deploys process oriented checklists for stage reviews and certification. Modeling: Atego Modeler delivers highly scalable OMG® UML, SysML and UPDM (DoDAF/MODAF) modeling, with automated design reviews, document generation, and code synchronization for C, C++, C#, VB, Java, and Ada. Integrated Development Environments (IDE), Compilers & Runtimes: We provide a range of solutions for real-time, embedded and safety-critical Java, Ada, C & C++ with our products Atego Perc, Atego ObjectAda, Atego ApexAda Developer and Atego X32plus. Tool Integrators: Atego Asset Library is a multiuser scalable repository for all of your system and software engineering artifacts, with web-based access, enabling large-scale reuse. Atego Requirements Synchronizer provides synchronization between distributed requirements management systems including DOORS. Atego Trace enables fine grain traceability between all of your project artifacts. Professional Services: Atego’s Services staff are domain experts in enterprise architectures, systems engineering software engineering, requirements management and process engineering. Focused training and best-practice transfer consultancy get your staff up to speed quickly and mentor them to get the highest return on investment.

Atego's Customers

Learn how our Military, Aerospace and Defense customers develop safe, reliable and innovative systems at lower cost and in less time. Atego’s DO-178/DO-254 avionics solutions maximize benefits and provide the best industry practices. Atego’s Rail, Automotive and Transport solutions help reduce cost and time to market, while improving quality and utilizing standards across engineering life-cycles. As our Communications, Utilities & Electronics customers undergo rapid change, find out how Atego is helping them to benefit from the latest engineering approaches and techniques. See how our Automation, Industrial & Medical customers benefit from our solutions to help build safer, cost effective systems.