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Atego’s success in the automotive industry is due to our core focus on systems and software development using our unique products and services to foster unprecedented communication between suppliers and OEMs. Atego‘s team of automotive experts apply field-proven engineering and project-management practices to ensure successful results helping our customers meet their deadlines.

Atego’s products and professional services are used by 50% of the Global Top 10 Automotive OEMs and their Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, including VW, Audi, Fiat/Chrysler, BMW, Daimler, Bosch, ZF, Valeo, Delphi, PSA Peugeot Citroën and many more.

Atego Modeler Logo
Atego Modeler modeling solution suite delivers powerful support for modular design, mapping directly to both systems-of-systems and component based software development approaches prevalent in automotive applications today. It’s Product Line Engineering capabilities then enable variant management and product family design (with 150% models). Variation points and feature selection are then used to produce product instance models which are ideal for trade- study analysis. Atego Modeler’s OMG SysML facilitates model-based requirements engineering and high level system design. Detailed design then flows naturally, with built in traceability through functional allocation, interface specification and product line engineering. Once functions have been allocated, Atego Modeler’s OMG UML modeling and automated code synchronizer (ACS) can drill down into the detailed component-based software design, automate reviews, and automatically generating between 40 & 90% of your source code.

Atego Asset Library Logo
Atego Asset Library can be used alone or in conjunction with Atego Modeler to enable a truly component-based design approach. Both top down, with system partitioning, contracting, requirements allocation, interface definition and sub-contracting sub-system designs to distributed teams and even 3rd party suppliers. And bottom up, by publishing your reusable sub-system and software component black-box interfaces.

Atego Requirements Synchronizer Logo
Atego Requirements Synchronizer extends textual requirements systems that need to share sub-sets of requirements between teams or 3rd parties, using different requirements engineering tools or different requirements engineering tool versions. Dedicated adaptors export and import OMG ReqIF sub-sets of requirements for interchange, negotiation and agreement.

AUTOSAR – Throughout the design process, the’ language’ of AUTOSAR can be used, by applying the predefined Atego Modeler AUTOSAR profile. Atego’s Artisan Studio ACS code generator can then generate AUTOSAR style code, Thirdly Atego Asset Library can be pre-loaded from the AOTOSAR XML, providing a pallet of reusable modeling components.

Atego Process Director Logo
Atego Process Director documents deliver processes and techniques for establishing, measuring, managing and improving your organizations operational, engineering and development processes. If you produce vehicles and need to consider the safety of your automotive electronic and electrical safety-related systems, Atego Process Director is also the ideal environment to document and deploy your ISO 26262 processes.

Atego Global Services Logo
Atego’s Global Services organization bridges the gap between your company’s existing expertise and core competencies and the special and perhaps temporary needs that you might have for your next important automotive project. Atego offers strong knowledge of real-time and critical systems, indeed the relevance and success of Atego Global Services come from our experience in developing software for customers with high expectations to meet their deadlines, fulfil commitments and deliver quality services. Our team of experts are highly skilled professionals in critical systems software development and a number of them have published papers in well-known trade journals.

Atego’s automotive modeling and process solutions let you design the way you build.

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