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Avionics Certification

Atego’s dedicated certification engineering team are focused on helping organizations deliver standards compliant avionics systems cost effectively. Our consultants use their many years of expertise in the development and certification of safety critical systems to provide independent advice, help organizations like yours optimize their processes and develop engineering team skills.

Atego’s products and services have been sought for the most advanced avionics certification projects worldwide. Our technology is integral to safety and mission critical projects covering a vast array of avionic applications.

Atego Modeler Logo
Atego Modeler’s modeling solutions deliver design capabilities for mission and safety critical system development projects, providing a wide range of modeling approaches including; UML, SysML, UPDM, DoDAF, MODAF, MARTE, IDL, ARINC 653 and more, ensuring productivity from day one. Atego Modeler also runs live on a multi-user database for your explicit and tacit project knowledge, so that your team can collaborate and avoid misunderstandings, poor decision making and re-work. This delivers superior interaction between teams and team members through an active multi-user repository and built-in model configuration management.

Atego Process Director Logo
Atego Process Director for DO-178 provides more than 350 Avionics Software Certification process elements (including processes, criterion, document templates, roles, reviews, checklists, techniques & tool definitions) plus 1,000+ relationship links. These can be used, modified, extended and rewired to suit each organization’s individual DO-178 process needs.

Atego Check Logo
Atego Check automates the critical review process within your systems and software engineering lifecycles. It responds to changes in files, web pages, configuration management artifacts, as well as emails, QR codes, scheduled events. Tasks are then allocated to your reviewers and associated with specific Checklists from your own best practices or can utilise the preloaded Atego Checklist libraries, including those available for DO-178 and DO-254. Full review and audit facilities are also provided within this lightweight, web based tool to give you everything you need to manage and track your reviews and checklists.

Atego ObjectAda Logo
Atego ObjectAda products are used in the most stringent mission and safety-critical applications in the world. Atego ObjectAda products and runtime components are used in, and have been certified to DO-178B Level-A in complex systems such as jet engine control, flight and navigation systems, and aircraft breaking systems to name a few. Atego development and execution solutions are available on most native platforms including UNIX, Linux, and Windows platforms, and for cross development and deployment on embedded and real-time platforms including support for the most popular processors running traditional RTOSs as well as bare hardware execution.