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Atego technologies and expertise are easily applied to address a host of communications requirements, across a wide range of applications. Atego solutions have been used in a number of communications systems such as radar, C3I systems, communications, and cabin management systems. The rapid increase of software size and complexity has driven a growing demand for tools and environments supporting high levels of programmer productivity coupled with high reliability results.

Atego‘s team of experts apply field-proven engineering and project-management practices to ensure successful results while also supporting the highest levels of safe operation. Whether projects are looking for powerful and productive Java, Ada, or Modeling technologies, Atego provides solutions that give Atego customers a powerful competitive edge, with lower costs and faster time to market.

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Atego Modeler capabilities for OMG SysML, UML modeling enable communications organizations to express the component and class structure of the potential communication systems. Engineers can express behaviors of these software-centric systems with Use Case, Sequence, and Activity Diagrams and can use State Machine diagrams to express the modal and dynamic aspects of system behavior. Both the higher-level operational view expressed in SysML and the lower-level implementation view expressed in UML can be related to each other with SysML allocation modeling and to requirements with SysML traceability modeling.

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Thanks to Java’s broad wealth of off-the-shelf components and libraries, and clear abstractions, there is a natural affinity between Java and communications applications provided that Java programs can be operated in a predictable and reliable fashion. Atego Perc is the first technology that bridges the gap, offering technology that is ideal both for management plane and control plane applications. Atego Perc technology also offers close-to-the-silicon operations permitting full control of hardware devices with fully deterministic response, high throughput performance, and a tiny footprint. Atego Perc is the solution of choice for next-generation complex mobile applications, as well as embedded systems in devices as diverse as printers, copiers, broadcast equipment, on board entertainment, GPS, and telematics systems, and home network routers.

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There is a high demand for Java tools and virtual machines for consumer electronics applications due to the tremendous development cost benefits offered by the high productivity of off-the-shelf Java libraries and components and the high availability of Java programmers. Typical Java solutions are not adequate for increasingly complex and demanding embedded consumer electronics applications, or applications requiring access to low level hardware devices. Atego ObjectAda technologies have solved these problems, making it possible for Java developers to address even the most demanding consumer electronics applications -going far beyond typical low-sophistication mobile devices.

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Atego’s Global Services organization bridges the gap between your company’s existing expertise and core competencies and the special and perhaps temporary needs that you might have for your next important communications systems project.

Atego offers strong knowledge of real-time and critical systems, indeed the relevance and success of Atego Global Services come from our experience in developing software for customers with high expectations to meet their deadlines, fulfil commitments and deliver quality services. Our team of experts are highly skilled professionals in critical systems software development and a number of them have published papers in well-known trade journals.

Atego’s solutions maximize benefits and provide the best industry practices with lower costs and faster time to market, while also supporting the highest levels of safety certification.

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