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Industrial Automation

Atego‘s team of experts apply field-proven engineering and project-management practices to ensure successful results while also supporting the highest levels of safe operation. Whether projects are looking for powerful and productive Ada, Java, or Modeling technologies, Atego provides solutions that give Atego customers a powerful competitive edge, with lower costs and faster time to market, while also supporting the highest levels of safe operation.

Atego solutions are selected for complex industrial automation and control applications ranging from factory automation to human and materiel management to deep sea drilling to power systems control. Atego products and expertise are sought for industrial applications because they are proven to be safe, reliable, and effective, while being more cost effective than competing approaches.

Atego Modeler Logo
Atego Modeler’s modeling solutions suite delivers design capabilities for industrial automation system development projects – providing a wide range of modeling approaches including; UML, SysML, MARTE, IDL, and more – ensuring maximum productivity from day one. Atego Modeler also provides a live multi-user database for your explicit and tacit project knowledge, so that your team can collaborate and avoid misunderstandings, poor decision making and re-work.

Atego ObjectAda Logo
Atego ObjectAda and Atego ApexAda Developer products are used in the most stringent industrial automation safety-critical applications in the world. Atego solutions are available on most native platforms including UNIX, Linux, and Windows platforms, and for cross development and deployment on embedded and real-time platforms including support for the most popular processors running traditional RTOSs as well as bare hardware execution.

Atego Perc Logo
Atego Perc provides the productivity benefits from using Java as the implementation language in a wide range of industrial control applications including deep-sea oil drilling platforms. The Atego Perc product line offers Ahead-of-Time (AOT) and Just-in-Time (JIT) compilation, remote debug support, deterministic garbage collection, standard graphics and extended commercial RTOS support.

Atego Global Services Logo
Atego’s Global Services organization bridges the gap between your company’s existing expertise and core competencies and the special and perhaps temporary needs that you might have for your next important energy or utility systems project.

Atego offers strong knowledge of real-time and critical systems, indeed the relevance and success of Atego Global Services come from our experience in developing software for customers with high expectations to meet their deadlines, fulfil commitments and deliver quality services. Our team of experts are highly skilled professionals in critical systems software development and a number of them have published papers in well-known trade journals.

In Industrial Automation, car park security, payment and monitoring systems, plant robotic systems, postal sorting and security systems and many other industrial systems and process engineering applications have been developed using Atego at companies such as; Control Techniques, DiehlAko Controls, Elster Instromet, Invensys, Leuze Lumiflex Electronic, National Oilwell Varco, Neopost, Serco and Siemens A&D.

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