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Safety & Mission Critical

Atago provides many solutions to help with the development and deployment of safety and mission critical systems. Software now pervades almost every aspect of daily life; transport systems depend on safe software for control of vehicles and their infrastructure. Financial institutions rely on secure software for accounting and the transfer of money; Industrial software controls equipment and manufacturing processes. Hospitals depend on software for managing patient records and for control of life-support systems.

There is now an increasing awareness that strict control is needed in order to reduce the risks of errors in what has come to be called safety critical software – that is, software systems whose failure may lead to loss of life or severe injury. As a result, there is a growing concern in all major industrial nations regarding the legal and ethical obligations of companies and their officers to ensure that systems do not violate safety regulations.

Many industries are in the process of setting, or have already set, specific standards for the development, testing, and certification of safety critical software. There exist a number of internationally accepted standards for the certification of safety-critical software (e.g. DO-178B/DO-178C, EN 50128, IEC 61508, ISO 13485 and ISO 26262). In some areas, standards mandate specific techniques for the development of safety critical systems. In all cases, a reasoned justification for the techniques actually used is required, together with evidence to show that the life cycle development processes are being followed.

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Atego Modeler’s capabilities for collaboration, Model-based Systems Engineering, Requirements Management, Document Generation and Simulation greatly assist in specifying, auditing, implementing, and verifying safety-critical systems and supporting the relevant specifications, methodologies, and methods. Methodologies and specifications include DO-178 for US Commercial Aviation Systems, Part 571 FMVSS for US Automotive Systems and FDA 21 CFR for Medical Systems.

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Atego Perc enables defense companies to take advantage of the productivity benefits from using Java as the implementation language in a wide range of applications including radar, C3I systems, communications, and cabin management systems. Atego ObjectAda’s powerful programming language for complex development projects provides and comprehensive reference documentation.

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The Atego ObjectAda and Atego ApexAda Developer families of products are among the industry’s most popular development environments for Ada and mixed Ada/C/C++ applications. Atego Ada development and execution solutions are available on most native platforms including Unix, Linux, and Windows platforms, and for cross development and deployment on embedded and real-time platforms including support for the most popular processors running traditional RTOSs as well as bare hardware execution.

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Atego Check automates the critical review process within your systems and software engineering lifecycles. It responds to changes in files, web pages, configuration management artifacts, as well as emails, QR codes, scheduled events. Tasks are then allocated to your reviewers and associated with specific Checklists from your own best practices or can utilise the preloaded Atego Checklist libraries, including those available for DO-178 and DO-254. Full review and audit facilities are also provided within this lightweight, web based tool to give you everything you need to manage and track your reviews and checklists.

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Atego Trace automates your requirements traceability and error detection, producing traceability matrices across all of your engineering lifecycle artifacts. Its web browser interface and customizable parsing technology provide efficient requirements traceability for new and existing projects.