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Model-based Engineering

Atego is the world’s largest independent supplier of industrial-grade, collaborative modeling tools for complex, mission-critical systems and software. Atego’s flagship modeling tool suite, Atego Modeler, provides OMG’s UML, and SysML in a single, integrated toolset. You can create consistent, high quality models for systems and software engineers to communicate requirements, design decisions and alternatives across the entire team, regardless of their location. Many of our current customers have been using our products and services for decades and continue to rely on Atego’s superior engineering talent and support team dedication.

As board members of the OMG, Atego has been instrumental in the definition and implementation of not only UML, SysML and UPDM but also MARTE, XMI and various other industry standard modeling notations. This not only helps Atego develop market leading modeling tools but also provide extremely high quality training and mentoring on modeling techniques and best practices.

Based on customer feedback and continual innovation, Atego has developed out from this modeling core to encompass modular design, variant modeling, automated code generation and synchronization, model driven document creation, test generation, automated model review, requirements traceability and much more.

Atego Modeler Logo
Atego Modeler’s modeling solutions suite delivers design capabilities for mission and safety critical system development projects – providing a wide range of modeling approaches including; UML, SysML, UPDM, DoDAF, MODAF, MARTE, IDL, ARINC 653, DO-178 and more – ensuring maximum productivity from day one. Atego Modeler also provides a live multi-user database for your explicit and tacit project knowledge, so that your team can collaborate and avoid misunderstandings, poor decision making and re-work. It delivers superior interaction between teams and team members through an active multi-user repository and built-in model configuration management.

Atego Asset Library Logo
Atego Asset Library can be used alone or in conjunction with Atego’s Artisan Studio to enable a truly component based design approach. Both top down, with system partitioning, contracting, requirements allocation, interface definition and sub-contracting sub-system designs to distributed teams and even 3rd party suppliers and bottom up, by publishing your reusable sub-system and software component black-box interfaces.

Atego Global Services Logo
Atego’s Global Services organization bridges the gap between your company’s existing expertise and core competencies and the special and perhaps temporary needs that you might have for your next important energy or utility systems project.

Atego offers strong knowledge of real-time and critical systems, indeed the relevance and success of Atego Global Services come from our experience in developing software for customers with high expectations to meet their deadlines, fulfil commitments and deliver quality services. Our team of experts are highly skilled professionals in critical systems software development and a number of them have published papers in well-known trade journals.

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