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The main challenges when implementing an organizational process include; the effort to author and maintain the content, applying the processes during program and project management and getting engineers to actually use the processes. This supply-manage-consume conundrum is particularly challenging if you attempt to use basic technologies such as Microsoft Word documents and/or HTML web sites for all but the most basic of processes.

Atego has experience with the full range of process-related supply-manage-consume implementations from a handful of engineers to organizations directing more than 2,000, with a common process repository. These real world lessons and valuable capabilities fed into the ground breaking Atego Process Director Family of products. Atego focus on the process consumer, making process attractive to use, enabling them to do a better job, with less help, much faster than before.

Atego Process Director Logo
Atego Process Director is a ground breaking process authoring, management and deployment technology, based on Atego’s vast experience in process improvement, on real life projects. Pre-loaded best practice processes typically reduce your process research efforts by up to 25%, giving you superior processes, right from the off. With modular process documentation and built-in consistency, process authoring and maintenance is a breeze, usually leading to a 20-30% reduction in your process maintenance overheads. Process authors can use familiar text editors and import their existing content, reducing learning curves and start-up costs.

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Atego Process Consumer is the partner product to Atego Process Director, running on PC Browsers, Windows Touch, iPads, iPhones and more, this technology brings your process to the masses. With ‘To Do’ lists, email notification, active mentoring and automated progress tracking it is easier to use a process than avoid it, which can lead to 40% savings in overall training and mentoring costs, freeing up your experts and empowering your staff. Its appeal to process consumers actually get your organization’s processes used, achieving your overall objective and realizing the benefits of process improvement.

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