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SOA & Design Reuse

As Component Based Development (CBD) and Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) are becoming more and more prevalent, even within previously unexpected areas such as real-time, great benefits can be achieved by using similar approaches during design. Not only do you find architectural problems earlier but the design also map to the implementation with high-fidelity.

Atego Modeler Logo
Atego Modeler is a very useful tool for component abs services based design. With UML and SysML notation support, component import/export, IDL import/export and more. We have lots of new and exciting SOA/CBD features coming to market soon so click on the product link above to find out more.

Closer mapping between the design and development approaches truly streamlines system and software development so that everyone on the project talks the same language. With the ever growing complexity of today’s systems the simplification achieved through component and service based approached makes a dramatic improvement to both quality and productivity. To achieve these benefits and more, click on the product links above or contact us.