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DO-178B is one of the strictest safety critical standards defined today. It is required for any commercial flight critical software system. As one of the strictest safety standards, satisfying DO-178B Level A allows Atego's Aonix kernels and your application to meet other standards. In addition to avionics and flight-critical applications, high-speed rail, space, nuclear shutdown industrial automation and medical applications are also impacted by standards that require safety-critical-specific design, analysis, documentation, and testing rigor.

Atego has one of the longest records for supporting safety critical development, Atego ObjectAda Raven is a complete development environment for hard real-time applications needing to meet the highest criticality levels, as those specified by the FAA's airborne standard DO-178B Level A. Where hard real-time systems also require the same type of speed and determinism as safety critical systems do, Atego ObjectAda Raven is an ideal match for these development efforts. When safety is of concern, Atego ObjectAda Raven supplies the complete environment, tool set and safety critical materials to fully satisfy such efforts.

Atego’s model based design tool, Artisan Studio, supports the DO178B requirements category through its integration with requirements management tools such as DOORS. Using this integration allows requirements to be linked to model analysis and design artifacts and, facilitates comprehensive coverage and impact analysis. In addition Artisan Studio supports requirements modeling in SysML.

The DO-178B design category is supported with Artisan Studio allowing designers to create architectural and detailed designs of their software using industry standard notations.

The implementation category of DO-178B is supported with Artisan Studio Automatic Code Synchronizer (ACS). to generate software from your designs that can be compiled and deployed using Atego solutions or with tools from numerous third party partners.

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