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DoDAF is the Department of Defense defined Architectural Framework used to represent enterprise architectures, including the definition of the operational context, system architecture and supporting standards and documents necessary to document the enterprise.

With Artisan Studio’s support for UML 2.0 and SysML, it is the market-leading tool for systems engineering. The DoDAF profile extends Artisan Studio to provide an environment in which the entire range of DoDAF products can be modeled in a single repository, ensuring architectural consistency and completeness across all the DoDAF views.

Artisan Studio’s robust client-server technology scales to any configuration, whether you are working on a private notebook or large multi-user, multi-site configuration. The active dictionary maintains the consistency of all the DoDAF entities and diagrams and includes the unique ability to embed rich text references to create rich, navigable, and self-maintaining architectures. You can describe DoDAF compliant architectures using DoDAF diagrams, icons and symbols. This is built upon industry-leading UML 2.0 technology, enabling you to take advantage of Artisan Studio’s pedigree as a robust and feature-rich platform. When used in conjunction with the SysML profile, full lifecycle analysis and design can be contained in the same model and environment.

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