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The Object Management Group’s profile for “Modeling and Analysis of Real-Time and Embedded systems” (MARTE) is a UML2 profile which extends the UML to provide a discipline-specific graphical language which enables real-time engineers to express—in graphical, tabular, and textual form—many aspects of the engineering and analysis of time and resource constrained systems.

Version 1.0 of the OMG MARTE specification became an “Adopted Specification” in May 2008 and the MARTE specification team continues to edit the specification to advance it to the final “Available” state. Atego is the co-chair for the MARTE specification team at OMG.

Atego plans to implement an Artisan Studio; Profile of the MARTE Specification to support all the stereotypes and tag definitions of the MARTE Specification. Additionally, the Artisan Studio Profile will include automation script and DLL services which modify Artisan Studio to tailor the modeling environment to suite the expression of distributed, real-time embedded systems using MARTE. Behavioral features of this Profile will include: automated construction of MARTE - decorated elements and diagrams; enforcement of domain constraints of instance of elements using MARTE stereotypes; and an executable interpreter of MARTE’s Value Specification Language for the expression of Non-Functional Properties.

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