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Artisan Studio is the market-leading tool for systems engineering with a blue chip customer base across the Aerospace, Defense, Automotive and Electronics industries. As a key contributor to the original submission team, Atego has continued to demonstrate its commitment to the OMG standard it helped build. SysML has been developed to provide an intuitive and easy to use environment for deployment on complex systems modeling projects. Atego leverages the power of its robust, multi-user repository for SysML and UML deliverables.

Jointly specified by the OMG and International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) the OMG Systems Modeling Language (OMG SysML) is a general purpose graphical modeling language for developing complex systems. By reusing a subset of UML as well as extending it to meet the explicit needs of systems engineers it represents the natural evolution of existing UML techniques into an internationally adopted standard.

The SysML Profile makes use of a Artisan Studio's powerful Domain Specific Modeling capabilities to add new commands, explorer panes, toolbars and menus. The profile directly supports core SysML elements including blocks, item flows, ports and flow ports. It adds support for the new requirements diagram, internal block diagram (IBD) and block definition diagram (BDD) as well as the allocation and requirement traceability concepts.

As a key part of its usability, SysML entities and diagrams are presented to users as distinct types, rather than stereotyped UML types (the manner in which they are stored). This results in faster recognition, better usability and ease of adoption without compromising conformance to the standard by facilitating the benefits of consistency and commonality gained by utilizing overlapping industry standards with OMG UML and SysML.

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