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Atego Trace

Traceability is particularly critical if your project needs to comply with safety assurance measures, such as DO-178 and DO-254. In these cases, traceability must be readily available throughout all of the project phases, including requirements, design, testing and coding, to enable an understandable and efficient validation process. Atego Trace captures custom tags embedded in your existing documents, to provide a fully compliant top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top traceability matrix. Not only can the generated matrix be used to analyze the traceability of your systems, it will provide compliance evidence to the certification authorities.


  • Requirements traceability across any type of document and relationship
  • Multi-tagging strategies for multiple vendors and sub-contractors
  • Editable, Portable and Bi-directional traceability matrix
  • Trace Matrix snapshots for on-going project monitoring
  • Real-time Visibility Reports across functional teams
  • Self-contained scalable archiving and Configuration Management
  • Impact analysis for all phases and levels of development
  • Intuitive web user interface
  • Scalable, multi-user repository

It’s important to be able to track and document your traceability results as well as their evolution over time. The Atego Trace database is available to everyone on your team and across-teams, for review and evaluation. The reporting platform also provides trace archiving, as well as project and results locking, for evidence collection and compliance proof.

Atego Trace is the most cost-effective traceability solution available today. It is quick and easy to implement on any new or existing project, with virtually any documentation style or format. It is the light-weight alternative, but with all the rigor needed for certified systems and software development projects.

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