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Atego Vantage

Designing and building complex system families presents many challenges, including;

  • A rapidly growing number of products
  • Increasingly complex product families
  • Understanding product similarity
  • Variation trade-off analysis and decision making

Complex systems engineering organizations can generally be split into two types; ‘Engineer to Order’ and ‘Product Development’. The first involves the customization and evolution of existing capabilities to suit your new clients requirements, where the time from bid, to order, to cash is critical. Product development focusses more on the need to innovate new features, while also redeploying common systems and software to the market or 3rd parties, ahead of your competition. The main problems for both are failing to capture the full value of existing IP because historical best practices are inefficient, complex, not scalable or error-prone.

Atego Vantage solves these problems and more by combining tools, experts and a processes for model-based systems and software engineering, asset-based modular design and PLE to deliver MB-PLE. This solution reduces the time, cost and effort required to create, deploy and maintain similar products and systems. Atego Vantage simplifies system and product line design, improves cross-family reuse, increases product quality and speeds up product development and delivery. Unlike other offerings, it is ideal for enterprise wide deployment – not just individual projects and programs.

Atego Vantage not only increases productivity, improves quality and reduces costs but also reduces your risks by reusing common, proven parts, letting you focus on the things which differ. Independent survey results show that applying MB-PLE approaches such as the Atego Vantage can reduce your total development costs by 62% and deliver 23% more of your projects on time.

The Atego Vantage solution includes the Atego Perspective best practice implementation methodology, Atego Modeler, Atego Asset Library, Atego Process Director and Atego Check – see below.

Atego Modeler Logo
At the core of Atego Vantage, Atego Modeler provides integrated UML, SysML, UPDM and Orthogonal Variability Modeling so that you can create consistent, high quality designs for product lines, systems and software. Running live on a scalable, multi-user database, this module helps your engineers collaborate on requirements, assess product line alternatives and make informed design decisions.

Atego Asset Library Logo
This Atego Vantage module provides a database index to link modular system and software designs. It enables both top-down, architected modular design and bottom-up asset mining and reuse. Atego Asset Library’s Supplier – Consumer approach also includes ‘variable assets’, which can be used directly in modeled product lines

Atego Process Director Logo   Atego Check Logo
Both the Atego Process Director and Atego Check modules help you author, manage, deploy and audit the Atego Perspective process. You can also merge your own best practices and other systems and software engineering methodologies, with the Atego process libraries. The result is a consistent process implementation, which can be improved over time.

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