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DO-178 with Atego Process Director

The DO-178 process library for Atego Process Director provides clear guidance for all of your engineers, plus managed tailoring to meet your organization’s process definition needs.

  • All 3 software development lifecycles; V-Model, Spiral and Waterfall
  • 8 Plans; including PSAC, SDP, SCMP, SQAP and SVP
  • 7 Standards; including SRS, SDS and SCS
  • 100+ detailed Processes in 18 Phases
  • 30+ Transition and Closure criteria
  • 60+ Product, Document and Deliverable definitions
  • 45+ comprehensive Checklists
  • 30+ role definitions
  • 60+ example Reviews, Risks, Standards, Techniques & Tools
  • 1,000+ Interrelationship Links

Atego Process Director, pre-loaded with DO-178 guidance, templates and checklists gives you all the benefits of Atego Process Director with a DO-178 jump-start. We have distilled the combined knowledge of our Atego HighRely airborne software certification experts into this library, to radically reduce your learning curve, project planning time and process maintenance costs. Atego Process Director is a highly effective tool for deploying DO-178 and helping you achieve certification.

To find out more about how Atego Process Director can help you document, manage and deploy DO-178, view the links below.

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