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Technology Overview

Atego’s Product Portfolio covers the entire systems and software engineering lifecycle from requirements, architecture description, systems design, software development, testing and deployment. Our industrial grade product portfolio is designed to work together and with leading 3rd party tools to support our customers in developing complex systems and software for mission, safety and life critical needs including embedded and real time application.

Atego’s tool suite includes Process in Management tools, Modeling tools, Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) Compilers & Runtimes, Tool Integrators, Testing & Simulation capabilities.

Atego Vantage Logo
The Atego Vantage solution provides tools, experts and processes for Model-based Systems & Software Engineering (MBSE), Asset-based Modular Design and Product Line Engineering (PLE) & Model-based Product Line Engineering (MB-PLE).

The Atego Vantage solution includes the Atego Perspective best practice implementation methodology, Atego Modeler, Atego Asset Library, Atego Process Director and Atego Check – see below.

Atego Modeler Logo
Provides all the design facilities you need to produce high quality systems and software efficiently and quickly. Running directly on an active multi-user repository, Atego Modeler’s live collaboration environment scales from one to hundreds of users.

Atego Asset Library Logo
A multiuser, scalable repository for all of your system and software engineering artifacts, with web-based access, enabling large-scale reuse.

Atego Process Director Logo
Provides a highly scalable, practical approach for establishing, measuring, managing & improving your organizations operational, engineering and development processes.

Atego Check Logo
Automated software package to conduct, manage and provide on-time delivery of DO-178 and DO-254 objective evidence for all levels of review.

Atego ObjectAda Logo
A powerful programming language and the best choice for complex development projects, providing robust tools and comprehensive reference documentation.

Atego Perc Logo
A complete family of embedded, real-time & safety-critical Java VM’s with support for the most popular target processors inc. multi-core support and a large selection of (RTOSs).

Atego ApexAda Developer Logo
One of the industry’s most popular development environments for Ada and mixed Ada/C/C++ applications.

Atego Requirements Synchronizer Logo
An independent requirements interchange solution providing requirements synchronization between databases and organizations, plus off-line requirements editing and review.

Atego Trace Logo
Automates your requirements traceability and error-detection, producing traceability matrices across all of your engineering lifecycle artifacts. Its web browser interface and customizable parsing technology provide efficient requirements traceability for new and existing projects.