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Atego Global Services

The Atego Global Services organization bridges the gap between your company’s existing expertise and core competencies and the special (and perhaps temporary) needs that you might have for your next important project.

Whether your application is consumer electronics, commercial avionics or defense systems, you’re probably seeing significant code expansion and dramatic pressures to reduce time to market. You could be struggling with your ability to get the job done effectively, efficiently and on time.

Complementary to our commercial software production activities, Atego offers strong knowledge of real-time and critical systems. Indeed, the relevance and success of the Atego Global Services come from our experience in developing software for customers with high expectations to meet their deadlines, fulfil commitments and deliver quality services.

Atego engineers are highly skilled professionals in critical systems software development and a number of them have been awarded patents and published papers in well-known trade journals.

Our differentiation lies in 4 major areas:

  • A unique position in our fields of competence
  • A company-wide commitment to quality through strict development standards
  • An international presence with offices in France, Germany, Italy, the UK and the US
  • A corporate culture ensuring complementary, experienced and cohesive teams allowing evolution of our technical engineers to a higher level of expertise, and flexibility to meet the needs of our customers