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RE-102 : Model-based Requirements Engineering

Course Dates

Date(s) & Location(s):
Available for on-site delivery. Contact us for further information and pricing.
2 days

Course Description

This two day tool-independent course provides a hands-on introduction to model-based requirements engineering and management by describing a set of views that form the basis for the approach. These views take into account each individual requirement in terms of its description, but then also provide each requirement with meaning by putting it into the correct ‘context’. A requirement that has been put into a context is known as a ‘use case’ and may be based upon either stakeholders or levels of hierarchy in a system. Each use case must then be analyzed and validated by defining a combination of scenarios and formal mathematical and logic-based proofs that provide the rigour required for safety-critical and mission-critical systems.

The course also looks at the crucial question of modeling notations for requirements modeling and includes discussions on the use and application of UML, SysML, text and tabular formats.

Pragmatic issues, such as tailoring the approach for short, non-critical projects to massive, mission-critical projects is discussed to show how the techniques introduced on the course can be applied on real-life projects and systems. The use of multiple tools will also be discussed, along with examples of how an effective process can lead to realization by any tool.

Course Objectives

  • Provide an awareness of the principles and concepts involved in requirements engineering and management
  • Provide a structured approach to modeling requirements in a model based systems engineering (MBSE) environment
  • Enable the attendees to make a decision as to which level of rigour and associated tools is appropriate for them

Attendees Will Learn

  • The need for an effective approach to requirements modeling
  • The key views that make up a model-based approach, including the meta-model and what comprises each view
  • How to model individual requirements and use cases
  • How to deploy and manage requirements, including traceability and automation


  • None

Who Should Attend

  • This course is ideal for people involved in any aspect of model-based systems engineering or requirements engineering and management

Attendees Receive

  • A bound copy of all course slides
  • Laminates that summarize the main requirements modeling concepts
  • A copy of the book ‘Model-Based Requirements Engineering’ by Prof. Jon Holt and Simon Perry

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Course Outline

Day 1

  • The need for requirements
  • Requirements engineering and requirements management
  • Requirements modeling
  • Context-based modeling
  • A framework for requirements modeling

Day 2

  • Implementing into a working environment
  • Use of tools
  • Workshop

Course Files

Course Data Sheet:
RE-102.pdf  [856 Kb]