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Training Courses - Course Information

SYSML-203 : SysML Modeling with Artisan Studio

Course Dates

Date(s) & Location(s):
Available for on-site delivery. Contact us for further information and pricing.
3 days

Course Description

Designed specifically for systems engineers, this training course shows the relevance of SysML modeling techniques for system engineering activities on a variety of project types and sizes. It is suitable for people wishing to know what SysML offers and how to best use it. The course uses a mix of presentations and hands-on practicals.

Course Objectives

  • Provide an understanding of the principles and concepts inherent in SysML
  • Describe the structure and content of SysML
  • Enable attendees to apply SysML modeling techniques using Artisan Studio

Attendees Will Learn

  • Essential SysML concepts, terminology and notation
  • The purpose and use of all SysML diagrams
  • How SysML diagrams are organized and the relationships between diagrams
  • How to create SysML models using Artisan Studio
  • How SysML models can feed into software design


  • Experience of systems engineering
  • Some experience of Artisan Studio (can be obtained via the Artisan Studio Tutorial)
  • An awareness of UML and visual modeling is useful, but not essential

Who Should Attend

  • Systems engineers considering using SysML
  • Anyone on the project who needs to understand how SysML-based modeling can be applied to systems engineering activities

Attendees Receive

  • An annotated copy of all course presentation material
  • All course exercises and solutions

Course Format

Presentations and discussion are used to convey concepts, techniques and notation. Case study exercises allow practical application of the techniques. Attendees work individually or in small groups to complete a number of worked examples, providing hands-on experience of applying the techniques and re-enforcing the concepts. Use is made of Artisan Studio to facilitate an understanding of the relationship between the various diagrams and model items.

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Course Outline

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • Understanding Artisan SysML Modeling Tool
  • SysML Model Elements
  • Requirements Modeling
  • Blocks and Block Diagrams

Day 2

  • Ports and Interfaces
  • Parametrics
  • Use Case Modeling
  • Activity Modeling

Day 3

  • Interaction Modeling
  • State Machines
  • Cross-cutting Constructs

Course Files

Course Data Sheet:
SysML-203.pdf  [920 Kb]