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UML-204 : UML Modeling with Artisan Studio

Course Dates

Date(s) & Location(s):
Available for on-site delivery. Contact us for further information and pricing.
4 days

Course Description

This course provides hands-on training for real-time/embedded software engineers who need to use UML and Artisan Studio. The course covers UML and Atego modeling for both software requirements capture and software design as applied to real-time/embedded software systems. It considers traceability between requirements and design models and provides practical experience of evolving a reusable UML-based design from a software requirements model. It also looks at other aspects of Artisan Studio usage including code generation, reversal and synchronization, document generation, and Artisan Studio customization.

Course Objectives

  • To outline UML concepts, terminology, notation and diagrams
  • To provide practical experience in the use of UML and Atego modeling with Artisan Studio
  • To show how Artisan Studio provides a comprehensive, consistent and traceable set of UML-based models for the analysis and design of real-time/embedded software systems
  • To illustrate additional features of Artisan Studio that provide code and documentation capability
  • To indicate how Artisan Studio functionality can be customized and extended

Attendees Will Learn

  • The environment in which Artisan Studio operates
  • How a comprehensive and consistent set of software requirements models can be constructed from system requirements
  • To use Artisan Studio in order to develop a traceable set of UML-based design models from the requirement models
  • How to structure, and control access to, Artisan Studio models
  • How the Artisan Studio code synchronizers operate
  • How to use Artisan Studio’s document generation capabilities
  • How the automation interface permits the customization and extension of Artisan Studio


  • Delegates should ideally have some experience of object-oriented programming of real-time/embedded systems, and should therefore be aware of concepts such as classes and objects, multi-tasking, etc.
  • Some awareness of UML is also highly desirable but not essential

Who Should Attend

  • Software engineers who want to know how Artisan Studio can be used effectively as a UML modeling and development tool
  • Evaluators of Artisan Studio or those needing to convert from other toolsets

Attendees Receive

  • An annotated copy of all course presentation material
  • All course exercises and solutions

Course Format

The course is a mix of lecturer presentations and practical exercises designed to illustrate and reinforce the presentation content. Numbers are strictly limited to ensure that each delegate has sufficient time to discuss particular issues of concern with the lecturer. All the examples are based on real-world, real-time and embedded systems.

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Course Outline

Day 1

  • UML Overview
  • Artisan Studio Essentials

Day 2

  • Software Requirements Architecture

Day 3

  • Software Design Architecture

Day 4

  • Implementation Design
  • Additional Features

Course Files

Course Data Sheet:
UML-204.pdf  [891 Kb]